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Many times you just wish you could consult someone who can understand your issues and yet be able to give you the correct guidance without knowing you!

Over the last 40 years Guruji has been helping people with their problems. His compassion for the fellow human being and his ability to come to the root of the issue has endeared him to many people. Guruji does not believe in sermonising or lecturing. He believes each person needs to be treated on equal terms, and with respect.

Many times he is able to suggest a remedy in a single mail, or a simple phone conversation. Other times, he asks to see you. Guruji will take that decision once he reads of your problem.

All interactions are kept strictly confidential.

Please fill out the form for a response from Guruji (after login with your google account). A fee will be charged for this consultation.

We are sure you will find a solution to your issue!!