Types of courses

Based on the participants convenience, the following choices are available. Please see the ready reckoner for details of the ailments.

Multiple ailments can also be addressed during the course

Sampler Course, Duration 3 days

This course is designed for people who are short of time, and have specific ailments.

It is a basic course that will provide inputs on how attendee can get interim relief. Attendees will get short term benefit, but may not be able to learn all the techniques required to be able to help themselves on a sustainable basis.

End result - Attendees will experience the efficacy of the course.

Discovery Course , Duration 7 Days

A mid level Course that will not only expose the attendee to the benefits, and also the techniques. They will have the opportunity to practice, and also discuss and decide how to incorporate those learnings in their daily lives. It is more rigorous than the sampler course

End Result - Attendees will experience the efficacy of the course and carry back a set of practices will aid in the journey toward self help

Self Help Course , Duration 15 days

A comprehensive course where the attendee will not only learn the required techniques, but also have sufficient time to practise, fine tune, obtain full benefit and also evolve their own routines so as to easily incorporate in their daily lives.

End result - Attendee will experience the full efficacy of the course, and develop a routine that will easily be incorporated into their daily lives for long term benefit

About the course

The course structure is divided into 4 stages


A sense of achievement. A feeling of Energy and Positivity. A better appreciation of yourself and your abilities. The knowledge that tells you how to enjoy the happiness, productivity and satisfaction in life.

Other information

In some cases it is advisable to bring a relative along, particularly in areas where help is required for certain exercises or massage so that those can be continued by you after you leave the centre.

The degree of effectiveness of the course is highly dependent upon the participant’s willingness and ability to embrace the learnings and adapt them during the course.

These courses are designed to address the body, mind and spirit. Therefore, it is quite possible that the participants may experience relief from other ailments also.

You are likely to get more than you bargained for!

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