What is spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a journey where you are able to understand and recognise your real self. The real or pure self which exist in each one of us but for many reasons we stay unaware of this being.

This journey is the most wonderful experience of your life, as you shed your false identity and manifest your true self. You are in pure joy and the your happiness does not depend on external factors. You yourself become the cause of happiness and are ultimately able to serve your higher purpose; to serve humanity.

In today’s chaotic world we all seek happiness and a sure way where we can feel calmness of inner self and a life where we are not just focused on the collection of materialistic things but contributing to human kind.

These are the stages of spiritual awakening..

# At first there will be lot of stirring in your inner self as you become aware of your tendencies and your karmic self.

# The quicker you let go of things (lower self) the easier would be your journey. But everyone’s journey is different. There will be moments of inner turmoil and at the same time feelings of pure bliss.

# The biggest benefit of this awakening is that you become worry-less, blissful, happy and are able cure your mental and physical illness.

# In the end you identify yourself as being one with the universe. It means you start acknowledging your inner self, which has immense potential and is as vast as the entire universe.

Being one with universe gives the feeling of being the creator. We don’t have the feeling of being powerless; rather we feel as if we can create our own destiny. We start manifesting our desires, which is not only satisfying, but helps us contribute to the world at large.

But there are no set parameters. Every one’s journey of spiritual awakening is different.

This is possible when you meditate on a regular basis and start to know your true self. Under the guidance of a qualified mentor, this journey becomes easier and ensures you will reach your destination.