You will be attending a course

This 7 day residential course is a simple, and functional target oriented program with just one objective - to show you how you can help yourself and live the life you choose.

The course is moderately paced, its format is workshop oriented.

Here you will learn how to perform a prescribed set of activities, specifically tailored for you, which are adaptable to your lifestyle, and are expected to make a positive impact by the end of the course.

The course is conducted in four parts:

Day 1 - Initiation

Here, Guruji understands your issues and desires. We discuss your medical history to see what can and cannot be done in your case. Accordingly, Guruji prescribes a set of practices for you to follow over the next few days.

Day 2 to 4 - Instruction

You are taught to follow the prescribed practices. Under Guruji’s guidance, our staff will guide you to correctly follow the practices and help you get used to them. You may start seeing the impact by the 4th day.

Day 5 & 6 - Enactment

You are now suitably empowered to carry out those practices on your own. Guruji, and his staff, will observe, make minor corrections where necessary, and let you take charge. By the end of the 6th day, the impact should be noticeable.

Day 7 - Conclusion

It's all yours. You are now equipped. You have questions, we sit with you and answer them. You decide how you want to incorporate those practices in your life. Guruji Blesses you, and we bid you good bye and good luck!


A feeling of Energy and Positivity. A better appreciation of yourself and your abilities. The knowledge that tells you how to enjoy the happiness, productivity and satisfaction in life.