Guruji Shri Rajiv Verma is a spiritual practitioner and self taught Herbalist. Over the last 30 years of his practice, he has developed a unique system that has helped and enriched thousands of peoples' lives.

Early in life, he embarked upon the journey of spirituality and study of herbs in search of a remedy for his illnesses. Having been introduced to the wonders of Mantras and Ayurveda, he went deeper and deeper in search of the truth.

Spending time with Rishis and Munis, in remote corners of the Himalayas, meditating on the banks of the river Ganges, his mind was exposed to the wonders of the universe, the efficacy of plants and herbs, and the ability to garner the spiritual energies that heal.

Realising that what benefited him could also benefit others, he began to create his own remedies for various kinds of ailments for the benefit of people.

Constant refinements and innovations over the years have resulted in a set of practices that can be used by the common man to help himself.

He believes that ancient wisdom has solutions to a majority of modern ailments, there is no need to consume large amounts of chemicals and medicines to live a healthy, prosperous and fruitful life.