Acharya Rajiv Verma (Guruji)

Guruji’s tryst with Spirituality, Yoga and Ayurveda began in 1972.

As a young man, he was introduced to the wonders of Mantras and Ayurveda by several renowned Vaids.

Guruji took to it like a fish takes to water.

Encouraged by its benefits, he went deeper and deeper into the ancient books. He spent a lot of time with various Sadhus in the jungles of Uttarakhand, Himachal and the northeast, learning about Yoga, about the efficacy of various herbs and plants. On the banks of the river Ganges, sitting with Rishis and Munis, his mind was opened to the wonders of the universe, and the ability to channel spiritual energies for healing.

His deep understanding of Ayurveda, yoga, Spiritualism, Mantras has enabled him to adapt and innovate and create new mudras, exercises, meditation techniques and herbal formulations for the benefit of people.

Since 1974 his unique methods have provided relief to thousands of people. Success of his remedies brought him in touch with a wide variety of people including famous personalities. He has helped people in a wide variety of ailments ranging from Cancer, Migraines, Arthritis, Tumors, ENT, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Atrophy, Anxiety and depression, Psychological, and a host of so called “incurable” ailments.

Constant refinements of his approach over the years has now resulted in a Methodology he calls “Swachetna Shuddhikaran” having a unique set of practices consisting of “Mantra Shakti Path”, “Chita Yoga Dharna”, and herbal formulations that can be practised by the common man and can produce results in 5 to 6 days.

He believes that ancient wisdom has a solution to a majority of modern ailments, especially the “incurable” ones. All a person needs is courage, the will to get better and the determination to live a healthy, prosperous and fruitful life.