It's a conflicted world

Some lack faith in the healthcare system and try alternatives. Others lack faith in themselves and blindly try every kind of treatment, praying that somehow, somewhere they will find a solution.

Some find solutions, most don't.

We do it because we must have faith in ourselves.

It's a burdened world

Rising Population puts burdens on mother earth. The nutritional value of our food is declining. We eat food that may not be in consonance with what our body needs. Pollution, and deforestation are reducing oxygen levels.

Lack of proper nutrition and insufficient oxygen create all sorts of mental and physical ailments. We are victims of our lifestyle and environment.

However, the solutions lie within us!

For thousands of years, our sages have maintained that the knowledge of the cosmos is with us. Our ancient scriptures, the Vedas, contain both material and spiritual wisdom meant for teaching the art of success in material life as well as liberation of the soul.

In matters of health, the vedas have provided a healing system that describes the appropriate use of herbs, exercises, meditation, offerings, and Yoga that are all well documented. These are practiced in various forms by millions of people throughout the world.

No matter how much the world has changed over the centuries, the relevance of wisdom in the Vedas and their application remains the same.

Where we come in

To benefit humanity, some of this vast repository of Vedic knowledge has been adapted to current times.

Decades of study, research and innovations by Guruji Shri Rajiv Verma has led him to develop a unique set of practices that have successfully made a lasting impact on the lives of many people from all walks of life.

Vedic Rehabilitation is proud to bring those practices into the public domain for all those who wish to benefit from it.